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Dear Condo Owner,

The ONLY purpose of this form is to collect names of condominium owners.  We are working hard to compile a list of condo owners who have found themselves in unhappy situations in their condo.  Once this list exists, it will be used to approach the Ministry of Business and Government Services, and the media, to demand changes to the Condominium Act.

In accordance with the current Condominium Act, the only way for a condo owner to attempt to solve a serious issue with the Board of Directors is to hire a lawyer, go for arbitration or take the matter to court.  All these options are at the owner's great expense.  I, and many other condo owners, do not feel that this reality is in accordance with the original intention of the Condominium Act.  In fact, as we become more familiar and knowledgeable about the Condominium Act, we feel that drastic changes are necessary.  

The way the Condominium Act. is written, it only gives the Board of Directors or the "corporation" the tools and the means to govern the Condo. However it does not give the individual owner ANY means to deal with bad situations other than seek legal help at a great cost.

NOTE; The information collected here is NOT given or shared with any other party. It will ONLY be used for the purpose above, or to let you the Condo owner know of any changes in the Condominium Act.  

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